Utah Boulder Walls specializes in installing high-quality boulder rock retaining walls throughout Davis, Weber, and Salt Lake Counties. Our expert team works with a wide variety of boulder types to create stunning, durable, and functional retaining walls that meet your specific needs. Here, we provide an overview of the most popular types of boulders we use in our projects.

Granite Boulders

granite rock wall boulders utahgranite rock wall boulders utah


Granite boulders are a popular choice for retaining walls due to their exceptional strength and resistance to weathering. Their wide range of colors and sizes allows for a versatile design that can match any aesthetic.

Sandstone Boulders

sandstone rock wall boulders utahsandstone rock wall boulders utah

Sandstone boulders, particularly the beautiful red sandstone found in southern Utah, offer a unique and visually stunning option for retaining walls. Their natural color variations and textures make them an attractive choice for any project.

Limestone Boulders

limestone rock wall boulders utahlimestone rock wall boulders utah

Limestone boulders are prized for their attractive appearance and ease of use. Available in colors such as white, gray, and tan, these boulders provide excellent stability and adaptability for retaining wall projects.

Basalt Boulders

basalt rock wall boulders utahbasalt rock wall boulders utah

Basalt boulders are dark-colored and highly durable, making them suitable for retaining walls in areas with harsh weather conditions. Their natural resistance to erosion ensures a long-lasting performance.

Fieldstone Boulders

fieldstone rock wall boulders utahfieldstone rock wall boulders utah

Fieldstone boulders are irregularly shaped stones gathered from fields or riverbeds, providing a rustic and natural look for retaining walls. Their range of sizes, colors, and textures offers endless design possibilities.

Boulder Type, Features & Benefits

Boulder Type Features Benefits
Granite Boulders Strong and durable
Resistant to weathering
Various colors and sizes
Long-lasting performance
Versatile design options
Minimal maintenance
Sandstone Boulders Unique color variations
Range of textures
Easy to shape
Visually stunning appearance
Suitable for intricate designs
Blends well with natural surroundings
Limestone Boulders Attractive appearance
Easy to work with
Good stability
Adaptable to various designs
Provides solid support
Complements various landscapes
Basalt Boulders Dark-colored
Resistant to erosion
Ideal for harsh weather conditions
Long-lasting performance
Low maintenance
Fieldstone Boulders Irregularly shaped
Range of sizes, colors, and textures
Gathered from natural areas
Rustic and natural look
Versatile design possibilities
Blends seamlessly with surroundings

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